Dermatology Trials: What to Expect as a Participant

Dermatology, like every researched science, is a constantly evolving and advancing field. Dermatology trials play a critical role in pushing progress forward and innovating new treatments. However, for any dermatology trial to be successful, there need to be participants. You likely have many questions about the trial process if you’ve considered being a participant. Our team at the Dermatology Treatment and Research Center would like to applaud your curiosity and would like to guide you through what to expect.


Safety is always the utmost priority when it comes to a dermatology trial. That’s why all dermatology trials we perform are conducted by board-certified dermatologists with years of research experience under their belt. Our team also follows strict U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) guidelines to ensure maximum safety for our participants.

Adhering to Instructions

Instructions will be a critical part of the dermatology trial. Our researchers will give you specific instructions that need to be followed for an accurate trial process. This could include things like when to use a certain treatment, how to use it, recording progress, maintaining a certain diet, maintaining a healthy sleep schedule, and other guidelines to reduce the number of variables in the trial results. Adhering to researchers' instructions is your primary responsibility as a participant, and instructions are designed to not only keep you safe but also to ensure the effectiveness and accuracy of the trial.

Travel and Time Commitments

Dermatology trials require a certain amount of time and travel commitment. The trial coordinator will explain what the travel and time commitment will look like to ensure you’re a qualified participant. Regular visits to a clinic or trial site may be necessary. However, overnight stays are rarely required for dermatology trials.

Advancing Treatment and Compensation

As mentioned before, these trials are critical to advancing available treatment options. You will be participating in progressing medical knowledge and helping us improve the lives of others experiencing dermatology issues. While we hope every participant is proud of the advancements they are making possible, and we understand that your time and efforts are worth something.

That’s why compensation for your participation may be available. We make the amount of compensation clear before you decide to participate. This way, you can make an informed decision. Our Dermatology Treatment and Research Center staff are dedicated to serving our community through dermatological care and research. If you’re interested in what research trials are available, contact us at 972-661-2729 today.