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Over 1 in 5 Americans are losing their hair. This becomes more pronounced as we age. Dermatology Treatment & Research Center employs a multidisciplinary approach to hair loss. We are pleased to offer non-surgical hair loss treatments at our office in Dallas. Call 972.661.2729 today to schedule your consultation with our experienced providers!

How does non-surgical hair restoration work?

The primary purpose of this treatment for hair loss is to stimulate activity in the hair follicles. This may prompt an active phase of hair growth in follicles that have become inactive. Injections into the scalp may also support the active phase of newly implanted hair follicles. This occurs through the action of various growth factors.

How long do hair restoration injections take?

Injection treatment begins with a brief blood draw that takes less than a minute. The second step of centrifugation takes a few minutes, during which topical numbing medication sits on the scalp. The injection aspect of treatment is meticulous – injections are positioned every half-inch across the area of thinning. As precise as this step is, it usually takes less than thirty minutes from start to finish.

What Happens After the Procedure?

In most cases, there is zero downtime after non-surgical hair restoration. Because injections stimulate an inflammatory cascade through which tissue is repaired, patients are advised NOT to take any kind of anti-inflammatory medication to manage comfort. Our staff will discuss appropriate medications or strategies to minimize the discomfort that may occur after injections.

How long will it take to see results?

Consistency is crucial to obtain satisfactory results from inectable hair restoration. Treatments are typically scheduled monthly for a few months. Patients can expect to begin noticing improvement within two to three months. After the initial series of treatments, injections are repeated every three to six months depending on individual response and results.

The initial effect that patients may notice after treatment is that they shed fewer hairs. Over time, they can expect to see an increase in thickness and length.

What Are the Advantages of This Procedure?

Injections are a promising hair restoration product for several reasons. First, this procedure is completely organic; it is harvested from the blood. Treatment is safe and convenient, and it works. These injections can be prescribed as the sole form of treatment or it may coincide with traditional therapies ranging from medications such as Minoxidil to hair restoration surgery.

Treatment for hair loss may be appropriate for patients with androgenic alopecia at the crown and hairline. Women with alopecia and men and women with diffuse thinning may also achieve desirable results from appropriate techniques.

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What risks are associated with injectable hair restoration?

The risk of complications from injectable hair restoration treatment is very low. Common side effects include minor discomfort at injection sites, itching, swelling, and dry scalp.

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Hair loss has long been perceived as a normal part of aging. It doesn’t have to be. This treatment has demonstrated promising results for people who want to improve the volume and density of their hair. Learn more about hair restoration treatment and what it can do for you. Dial 972.661.2729 or fill out our appointment request form for your non-surgical hair loss consultation.