Aging Skin and Volume Loss: What You Should Know

volume loss

Unfortunately, as you age, parts of your body may lose volume. For example, your once-plump lips might thin out, or your cheeks may begin to appear more hollowed out. The good news is that you can address volume loss by using various dermal fillers. Let's take a closer look at how aging can result in volume loss and how we can help at Dermatology Treatment and Research Center.

Why Aging Results in Volume Loss

A few different factors are at play when it comes to aging and volume loss. First, as you age, you may lose parts of your subcutaneous fat, which lies just beneath the skin. Often, when you lose this fat, the distribution can be uneven, leading to variations in skin and facial structure.

Additionally, your body will produce less collagen as you age. Collagen is crucial for providing structure for your skin. Without decreased collagen production, your body loses one of its most valuable building blocks. Furthermore, bone density will decrease as the years pass, which can also change the structure of your face.

Ultimately, aging results in general wear and tear on your body. You may face a variety of challenges later in life, including facial volume loss. The good news is that this is treatable.

How Dermal Fillers Address Volume Loss

At Dermatology Treatment and Research Center, one of our dermatologists can use a variety of dermal fillers to fill in lost volume on areas of concern on your face. Most dermal fillers rely on hyaluronic acid (HA), which is a naturally occurring substance found in your body. HA attracts and holds water when injected into the skin. This creates a plumping effect that can smooth wrinkles and enhance volume.

Dermal fillers can last for several months. How long the fillers last can be impacted by where the injections are made. Also, there are several different types of fillers. One of our experienced dermatologists can help you figure out which filler might produce the best results for your situation and needs.

Find the Best Dermal Filler for Volume Loss in Dallas, TX

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