Do I need a doctor for dermatitis?

The problem with many people - eczema on hand.Patients in the Dallas, TX area who have been diagnosed with dermatitis by a dermatologist may wonder if they need the assistance of an experienced professional. Diagnosing dermatitis, determining the cause, and speaking with a doctor are the best ways to learn more about proper management.

What is dermatitis?

Dermatitis is a skin condition where there are inflamed patches on the skin which then lead to itching, redness and dryness of the skin. There are many types of dermatitis such as atopic, contact or seborrheic but one thing they all have in common is that a person's immune system reacts to something like an allergic response or eczema flare-up by attacking substances found on their own body (called autoimmunity). It can affect any area of the skin, is often inherited and it appears more commonly in women than men.

Understanding the causes of dermatitis.

There are many different things that can cause dermatitis but one commonality they all have is that they are allergens - most are environmental triggers or food allergies with some being caused by drugs or infections. Some examples of these types of allergens include chemicals found in cosmetics, foods with gluten, nickel for those who wear earrings, certain fragrance ingredients which you'll find in items like shampoos and conditioners, or even medications that may contain sulfates or parabens.

There are also factors that contribute to developing dermatitis such as:

  • Age (dermatitis has a higher chance of developing when you get older)
  • Gender (women tend to develop dermatitis more than men do)
  • Increased levels of stress
  • Hormonal changes (like puberty and menopause)
  • Having naturally dryer skin
  • Having allergies to things like pollen, mold, and animal fur or dander
  • Having a genetic predisposition

Do I need a doctor for dermatitis?

As with any conditions that need to be evaluated, diagnosed, and treated, patients should always speak to a doctor to better understand their condition and the best way to manage it. We invite you to book an appointment at Dermatology Treatment and Research Center of Dallas, TX to discuss your skincare needs with our team and improve your quality of life by treating your dermatitis. Our practice is located at 5310 Harvest Hill Road, Suite #160 and can be reached by phone to book an appointment at (972) 661-2729.