How serious is dermatitis?

Any time a patient has an itchy, red, scaly rash, it is vital that they obtain an evaluation with a medical professional for examination. There are many reasons why rashes develop, but dermatitis is the most common. Dermatitis, which is also referred to as eczema, is a condition that is typically seen in children but can be present in patients of all ages with a family history of dermatitis. Rashes can appear anywhere on the face and body, and may cause patients to experience discomfort. By getting a proper diagnosis and seeking treatment with the professionals at the Dermatology Treatment and Research Center, many patients can keep their condition under control.

How is dermatitis diagnosed?

Most cases of dermatitis can be diagnosed with a simple evaluation with a medical professional. It is important to rule out other reasons for the rash, including an allergic reaction or other conditions such as acne, bug bites, impetigo, or shingles.

How serious is dermatitis?

Dermatitis may range from mild to severe, but with appropriate care, many patients can keep it under control with the help of a dermatologist. However, there are times when dermatitis may become a more serious issue. This is typically due to scratching and itching that leads to open sores. These sores can become infected and spread, creating another problem that needs to be treated alongside the original issue. However, these infections are rarely life-threatening, but can become just as problematic as the condition itself. This is why it is incredibly important that patients with dermatitis or any other skin issue seek immediate evaluation and treatment to avoid further problems.

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