Improving Adult Acne

Adult Acne

At Dermatology Treatment and Research Center, our doctors and providers are well-versed in helping patients with common skin disorders including acne. Many patients think that acne only impacts teenagers due to the hormonal changes they are going through at this point in their life. However, many cases of acne may extend past the teen years and into adulthood. Adult acne can be embarrassing and difficult to address without the help of a professional. Dallas, TX area patients are welcome to work with the team at our practice to get a proper diagnosis and find a treatment that is fast and effective.

What is adult acne?

Adult acne is any variety of acne that is present after around the age of 20. Most adult acne patients have had acne during puberty and have been unable to control it effectively as they entered into early adulthood. However, with the assistance of a dermatological professional, most patients can find relief.

How to improve adult acne

The first step in improving acne is to get an accurate diagnosis of the type of acne present. There are many varieties of acne which may impact men and women. This knowledge will help the doctors determine the best possible treatments for patients to try. In addition, to ensure patients are taking proper care of their skin by using appropriate cleansers, moisturizers, toners, and topical creams, the dermatologist may make additional recommendations for treatment. These may include prescription oral and topical medications or certain services to combat the condition, including phototherapy or laser skin resurfacing.  When a patient is evaluated and a recommendation is made, patients need to stay consistent with treatment to determine if it works effectively. In some instances, acne may get worse before it gets better, so sticking with treatment for several months will help in finding the most effective solution for a patient. There is no “one size fits all” solution, and sometimes trial and error is the best way to find the solution that works.

Is adult acne getting in the way of your natural beauty?

Contact the team of Dermatology Treatment and Research Center in Dallas, TX to get a proper diagnosis and to discuss treatment options available. Dr. Clay Cockerell are all available at our facility to assist. Call (972) 661-2729 today to get started learning more about improving adult acne.