Myths about skin care

red-haired girl with clean clear face applying cream

We have all heard them--skincare tips from our friends and family. But are they right? Many skincare myths have been floating around for decades, and it is time to find out what the truth is! Drs. Clay Cockerell, and Ross Radusky of the Dermatology Treatment and Research Center in Dallas, TX, can debunk these myths and get you on the right track to quality skincare solutions!

Below are several skincare myths that should be corrected!

  • If your skin is oily, do not use moisturizer. Your skin can be stripped of natural oils when cleansing or using certain types of products, so it is always a great idea to keep the skin's health and moisture balanced. Moisturizers should always be used to keep skin hydrated, and our team can make recommendations regarding the best moisturizer for your unique skin type and skin concerns.
  • Acne is caused by not washing your face. It is time to fight this myth! While not washing your face can contribute to acne, it is not the only cause. There are several factors to consider, including clogged pores, bacteria, inflammation, and skincare products used.
  • Natural and chemical-free products are better for your skin. Yes and no. While these products may be more gentle on the skin, they might not take care of the problems you are experiencing. Preservatives and parabens used in skincare products are essential to avoid the growth of bacteria. Pay close attention to expiration dates on these products, and ask your dermatologist if they are appropriate for your skin type.
  • Make-up use causes early aging. As long as you are using cosmetic products that are good for your skin and removing them properly each day, you will not experience early aging by using make-up. Use the right cleanser and be mindful of the ingredients in your make-up to ensure they do not cause additional problems such as acne or dry skin.

Learn more about debunked skincare myths by working with a quality dermatologist

Drs. Clay Cockerell, and Ross Radusky of the Dermatology Treatment and Research Center are available to assist patients with developing a skincare routine and using the right products to benefit their unique skin type and skin goals. Call 972-661-2729 to request a consultation appointment with our team of professionals at our Dallas, TX, area practice.