Why do I have skin tags?

One day, you notice it: a growth on the skin. It may be small or large, but may appear as an extra flap of skin. This growth is often known as a skin tag. Skin tags are painless and noncancerous, but they develop with a stalk called a peduncle. They are found anywhere on the body, though they often appear in areas of the face and body where the skin folds, such as the groin, armpits, eyelids, and neck. While harmless, many patients may want to speak to a dermatologist about the removal of their skin tags, especially if they are rubbing and painful or are in a highly visible area of the face. 

What causes skin tags? 

It remains unclear why exactly skin tags develop and why they may show up on some patients and not others. They are often found in folds of the skin, which leads researchers to believe that friction may be to blame. These growths have blood vessels and collagen that are surrounded by skin and need to be removed with a trained professional to avoid scarring or damage. 

How are skin tags removed? 

In some instances, skin tags may come off on their own due to friction and rubbing. In other cases, they may remain attached to the skin. Because they are harmless, there is no medical reason to remove them, though some patients will have them taken off due to cosmetics or discomfort. There are several methods employed by dermatologists for the removal of skin tags, including: 

  •         Cryotherapy
  •         Surgical extraction
  •         Electrosurgery
  •         Ligation

Are you considering removal of unwanted skin tags on the face or body? 

Visiting a dermatologist is the best way to ensure proper and safe removal of skin tags and other growths that may be bothersome. Dallas, TX area patients who are interested in learning more can connect with the team at the Dermatology Treatment and Research Center at 5310 Harvest Hill Road, Ste. #160. Drs. William Abramotivs and Clay Cockerell provide quality care for new and established patients, and encourage individuals to call the office at (972) 661-2729 to schedule an appointment.