Why does the cold dry your skin out?

While there are many things to love about winter, many patients dread the drier months due to drier skin. Dry, itchy skin can be incredibly uncomfortable and can be difficult to address on one’s own. This is why the team at Dermatology Treatment and Research Center encourage patients to book an appointment with their team to assess their condition and provide effective treatments. But why does the colder weather dry out the skin?

While some patients deal with dry skin year-round, others only experience it during the winter. There may be many reasons why some patients deal with this condition only during the colder seasons. Some of the reasons may include:

  • Indoor heating – when the temperature drops, it’s time to turn on the heater. Without adding a humidifier, the air lacks moisture and can be incredibly drying for the skin.
  • Low humidity levels – in addition to heating the home, the outside air also experiences a drop in humidity. Without that moisture in the air, the skin can crack and become dehydrated.
  • Poor products – not all moisturizers and lotions are created equal! It is important that patients use the right products for their skin, and find ones with heavy emollients that can lock moisture into the skin.
  • Long, hot showers – as refreshing as long, hot showers can be, they can also strip the skin of the natural oils that help moisturize it. Change to lukewarm showers, keep them short, and use a mild cleanser and moisturizer immediately afterward.

What can one do to rehydrate the skin?

The best way to address dry winter skin is to speak to our providers about recommendations for locking in moisture and keeping the skin from becoming dry, cracked, and itchy. Our team can assist in helping you find the relief you need from colder, drier winter air.

Ready to discuss solutions for dry winter skin?

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