How can I keep my skin moisturized all year long?

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Throughout the year, the seasons and weather can make dramatic changes. These changes can impact the skin’s health and hydration. It is important that patients in the area of Dallas, TX make special deviations from their skin care routine during these fluctuations that can impact the skin. One primary concern for many men and women is moisture and hydration. A well-hydrated body and moisturized skin will look beautiful and radiant. Keeping this radiance year round requires patients to make changes to their skin care regimen. Below are a few recommendations to ensure skin is well-moisturized and beautiful!

  • Moisturize the skin every day. Skin sapped of moisture will lose its glow and radiance. During the cooler, drier months, it is vital that you moisturize the skin regularly. Choose a skin brightening lotion with natural ingredients, and moisturize immediately after getting out of the shower to lock hydration into the skin.
  • Exfoliate the skin regularly. Exfoliating the dull, dry skin away is the best method of restoring brighter, healthier-looking skin. Exfoliation products should be gentle and use natural products. Use a special exfoliating brush in the shower along with exfoliating products to slough off the upper layer of skin cells.
  • Apply sunscreen. Protecting the skin from the elements is important, especially when it comes to sun exposure. Excess sun exposure increases the risk of skin cancer and can also increase the early signs of aging. Sunscreen should be applied to the face and skin that is exposed during the day, regardless of the amount of time a patient is spending outdoors.
  • Use a humidifier. Humidifiers are perfect for keeping moisture in the air. They are simple, affordable, and effective at putting moisture back into the air and preventing dry, chapped skin.
  • Hydrate by drinking plenty of water. A humidifier can work from the outside while water consumption can work from the inside. Drinking plenty of water each day keeps the skin and body hydrated, and can also help reduce other problems such as headaches caused by dehydration.

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